Friday, November 21, 2008

Trevor Dunbar Workout

Trevor Dunbar is a name that I was not familiar with until today. I usually follow high school cross country closely, but recently have been focusing more on the elite seen. So, with Footlocker coming up, I have been just sitting back and waiting for it to happen, with a focus more on the Midwest (personal bias, I'm from there and have qualified a runner out of Parkside). So I go on my friends blog today and find out about Trevor, a high school star from Kodiak, Alaska. He recently completed a 2-mile time trial in the snow on a shoveled track in, you ready, 9:01!!! You can see the video in two parts - Time Trial Part I and Time Trial Part II. Or just go to Scott's site to view both. More information on Trevor can be found at the following links:

Cross Country Profile
Mt. Sac Cross Country Invitational Interview
Athlete Profile
Adidas Cross Country Classic Interview

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