Thursday, July 10, 2008

Ryan Hall on Pain

Ryan Hall talks about embracing pain during a long run in his Flocast blog.

"I may not have set any records on my long run. In fact, I have had better long runs, in terms of numbers, but I have never had a long run where I learned to embrace the pain like I did this day. To be honest, I usually get pretty nervous before big workouts where I know I will be going through a lot of pain. I realize that the nerves may not go away, but now I know that I can find joy in the most painful moments. It is hard to describe the joy in going all out, but if you choose to embrace it I guarantee that you will want to go back over and over again."

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Scott Bush said...

This was definitely a great article and one that every high school athlete should read. Everyone in our sport, whether the weekend warrior or Olympic gold medalist, can relate to the pain one goes through in order to really break through their personal boundries. Go Hall!