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Sunday, June 1, 2008

California State Meet

The California State Track Meet produced soome amazing results and records.

German Fernandez ran the fastest double of all time which included a 3200m. record.

1600m. 4:00.29 (video)
3200m. 8:34.23

Christine Babcock ran a record time for the girls high school 1600m..

1600m. 4:33.82 (video)

Jordan Hasay (9:52.13) and Laurynne Chetelat (9:52.51) both ran under 10:00 minutes in the 3200m.. Before this race, two girls have never gone sub 10 for 3200m. in a high school race.


bryan said...

German's performance inspired me to make a site about him. It's got a biography, videos, stats, photos, polls, and a place to debate the significance of his recent double. I hope you'll stop by and share your perspective!

Joseph Renguso said...

Very nice site Bryan! If you put up profiles of the top high school runners in the country you would have many visitors on a daily basis.