Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Three Lessons

Once, not too long ago, there was a young boy who lived in another state. I don't remember if it was in Washington or Georgia or someplace else. He heard about a wise elderly woman who lived deep in the woods, and he figured that the wise woman was someone who could help him with his problem, so he went to a lot of trouble to find directions to her house, and once he did, he set out through the forest.

It was late November and it was cold. He could see his breath, and as he passed an icy stream he bent down and put his hand into the cold, cold water. Eventually, up ahead in a clearing, he saw the house, and when he got there he knocked on the door. From inside he heard a voice that said, "You may come in," which was lesson number one.

It was warm in the house and he looked around at all the things in there...and finally he could contain himself no longer and blurted out, "I want to know everything you know so I can help myself with my problem," and the wise woman looked deeply into the boy's eyes and said, "I see that you already know everything that you need to know except that you don't yet know that you already know all those things," which was lesson number two.

Finally, as it was nearing the time to go, the young boy didn't know if a minute had passed or an hour. He looked up again at the wise woman who said, "You must listen very closely," which was lesson number three. The young boy left and we know that everything worked out just fine for him.

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