Sunday, April 13, 2008

Chris Derrick - Simply Amazing!

Chris Derrick from Neuqua Valley High School in Illinois ran the 6th fastest 5k all-time, 13:55.96, at the Arcadia Invitational last night! What was more special is that it is the fastest 5k for a high school runner in a all high school runner race.

Dyestat has a video of the race. Derrick went through 2 miles in 9:03.4! His last 800m. was in 2:05, and the last 400m. in :60!!! His third mile was in around 4:22!(splits from the naked eye in the video).

5000 METERS High School All-Time List
1.Galen Rupp (Central Catholic, Portland, Oregon) 13:37.91 2004
2.Gerry Lindgren (Rogers, Spokane, Washington) 13:44.0 1964
3.Dathan Ritzenhein (Rockford, Michigan) 13:44.70 2001
4.Steve Prefontaine (Marshfield, Coos Bay, Oregon) 13:52.8 1969
5.John Zishka (Lancaster, Ohio) 13:55.65 1980
6.Chris Derrick (Naperville, Illinois) 13:55.96 2008

7.Craig Virgin (Lebanon, Illinois) 13:58.2 1973
8.Rick Riley (Ferris, Spokane, Washington) 14:00.2 1966
9.Eric Mastalir (Jesuit, Carmichael, California) 14:01.40 1986
10.Alberto Salazar (Wayland, Massachusetts) 14:04.8 1976
11.Josh McDougal (Home, Peru, New York) 14:07.55 2004

Chris also had three team members compete in the 2-mile at the invitational.

Jim Riddle 9:11.19, Danny Pawola 9:15.20 and Aaron Beattie 9:24.55.

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