Thursday, January 10, 2008

Hex Your Shoes

One way to make running on trails and roads that have ice and snow a little easier is to put hex head screws on the bottom of your shoes.

You can't feel them under your feet and they don't weigh the shoe down.

A good size is 6x3/8
The screws pictured are called
sheet metal screws and sell for under $2.00 for 20.

You can put as many screws under the foot as you want. 8 to 10 usually do the trick. A good recommendation is to put the screws where your feet hit the ground the most. You can figure this out by the wear patterns on the bottom of the shoe

Warning: Running on ice and snow is not recommended. Although hex head screws may make running on ice and snow easier, they are not guaranteed to keep you off of your behind.


Jeremy said...

Very helpful post - this Christmas a family member got me a pair of rubber thongs that slip over your running shoes, with hex screws on the sole. They could have saved themselves a good deal of money by just buying me some hex screws!

Joseph A. Renguso said...

I've seen some type of rubber things that you put under your shoes. They must really add weight to your shoes.

Did they come with a receipt?