Monday, January 14, 2008


I love this picture! Matt Withrow went to high school in Illinois (Andrew H.S.) and is currently at the University of Wisconsin. I have seen this picture on Illinois threads several times. Has this been shown around the country, or is it just an Illinois thing? Also, who made it?


Anonymous said...

Yes it has been seen by people across the country. it was created by the Dyestat user EIllinois_pondDiver

Anonymous said...

I just did a random google search of 'Ballerness' as I do every ~6months. I am the creator of the picture, EIllionis_pondDiver of dyestat though I no longer am active on that message board(I check in from time to time and even bumped an ancient thread pertaining to this picture ~12 months ago). As you can imagine I was an active HS cross country and track runner from IL, attending Downers Grove North High School. I now am in College and have long since lost much of my mediocre running skill.

Matt Withrow was an idol of me and my team mates not only because of his formidable skill and seemingly unstoppable kick, but also because he was a front runner running similar to the style and holding to the ideals that the great Steve Prefontaine had. As a runner in the same conference as the team powerhouse York Highschool of Elmhurst whos front runners, at the time, were more apt to a 'sit and kick' strategy, we loved Matt's ballsy style of taking the lead and pushing the pace throughout the race.

After Withrow won the national championship in truly epic fashion, beating the two heavy favorites whom seemingly had everything going for themselves Withrow became a god to us. Late one night some time later I was struck by a bolt of lightening while looking at old pictures from 2003 Foot Lockers. I quickly made the picture with nothing but MS-Paint, showed it to my friends, and posted it on Dyestat. Later I contacted the person whom was credited with the picture asking if a higher resolution picture could be obtained, in hopes of making a bigger picture and (maybe) a poster. Unfortunately I never heard back.

I am glad that you, and others, enjoyed the picture so much. It embodies everything I liked about Matt Withrow who was easily my biggest Idol during my running days. This year (08) is his last year at Wisconsin and I plan on making a pilgrimage to NCAA Nationals just to see what kind of kick he can lay down on the National Stage once again. Heres hoping he dominates Rupp once again, like the old days.


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