Friday, December 28, 2007


When sweating during a run, especially during the winter with tights on, parts of your body tend to chafe. Your inner thighs, under your arms, butt, crotch, etc... are all areas that become victims when material, sweat and skin rub together. One way to avoid chafing is to use BodyGlide. BodyGlide is a skin balm that is hypoallergenic, waterproof, long lasting, and works. The deodorant style casing makes it easy to put on, it's not messy, and it comes off easily with soap and water. Another bonus is that it doesn't ruin your clothes in any way.

BodyGlide can also be used to prevent blistering on your heels and feet. Just apply to areas on your feet that get irritated and blister when running.

One other use of BodyGlide is for the bloody nipple syndrome. You know, that person, maybe you, that comes across the finish line all sweaty with two red marks with drizzles on their tank. One little rub of BodyGlide before a run and that problem is extinct.


Greg On the Run said...

Found you on the Complete Running Network. You'll find lots of folks stopping by to say hello and encourage you.

I'll subscribe to your RSS feed. I'm thinking about volunteering at the local high school as a coach so being able to see what someone else is doing would be great.

Joseph A. Renguso said...

Thanks for stopping by Greg! Volunteering at your local high school is a great idea. The more people to help out and encourage running the better. Hopefully my site can help you out. If you ever want information that is not posted, just email me and I will either post on the topic or guide you in the right direction.