Running The Mind

Running The Mind
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Saturday, September 29, 2007

Vibram Five Fingers

The best way to strengthen your feet is to walk around, or run barefoot. This can be uncomfortable to do on most surfaces. It can also be unsafe. An alternative is the Vibram Five Finger. You get the same feel of being barefoot with the added benefit of your toes being spread out a little. Walking or running in these strengthens your feet, helps them become more flexible, and leaves them feeling massaged once finished.


Scott Bush said...

Mr. Renguso,

Have you used this item before, or are you just previewing it?

Joseph Renguso said...

Since no one is knocking down my door to advertise on my site or give me something for promoting their merchandise, everything I promote I use and believe in.

I use the Vibram Five Fingers to help strengthen and stretch my feet. When you take them off, it feels like you had a massage!