Running The Mind

Running The Mind
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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Continuous Quarters

Start off with a warm-up of 10 to 15 minutes of easy running.

On the track: run a quarter at current 3 mile race pace to slightly faster. Jog 200 meters at a slow pace. Start the quarter once the 200 meters is finished. Continue this until the reps you want (10-15 for example) are finished.

On a cross country course: measure out a quarter mile (preferably without turns). Then measure 100 meters out at each end of the quarter. Run the quarter mile at current 3 mile race pace or slightly faster. Jog the 100 meters out and then back at a slow pace. Run the quarter back. Then jog the 100 meters out and back. Start over. Continue until the reps you want (10 -15 for example) are finished.

Warm-down with 10 - 15 minutes of easy running.

It is important to not stop during this workout. If you are too tired after a quarter, you are either running it too fast, or not recovering at a slow enough pace during the 200 meters.

Total time is not important for the workout. You can time the quarters if you want, but not the recovery jogs. If you focus on total time, you will tend to run the recoveries too fast, which defeats the purpose of recovering.

This is more of an aerobic workout. The focus of this is more on strength and endurance, rather than speed. The goal is to get through the workout feeling tired, but able to keep going if you wanted to. Running hard and going into an anaerobic state will leave you too tired to finish.

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