Thursday, August 30, 2007


Does weight lifting help or hurt running performance? I guess you can say yes and no, depending on your philosophy of training. Many coaches say that if you have time to be in a weight room, you are not running enough. The belief is that the more you run, the better you become. No weights required. Other coaches believe that using weights makes you stronger and more efficient in your running. Therefore, weights are required. A few articles to view on this topic are A, B, C. Take in the information and do what works best for you.

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Scott Bush said...

So much of weight training matters upon what events you run, especially in track, and how your body responds to weight training. Some athletes seem to put on a lot of extra poundage when lifting weights, regardless of what exercises they do and how much weight they lift. For some runners this would only hurt them. It is not a matter of what you should do for your program, but rather what you should do for each individual athlete.