Running The Mind

Running The Mind
Trance State Running is now available at Trance State Running is a 40 minute mental training program for runners. It was developed to help train runners to control their mind/body during daily runs, workouts, and/or races to enhance performance and obtain running goals. Visit today to get your immediate download of Trance State Running.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Running The Mind is proud to introduce

Trance State Running Lite

Now available for immediate download at

Trance State Running Lite(15:41) is the condensed version of Trance State Running (39:27). It sells for $9.99 and is readily available for immediate download at

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Foot Locker Midwest 2012

It was in the 20's yesterday at the Footlocker Midwest Regional with wind chills in the teens, yet there were very fast times produced. In the boys seeded race, 14:56 was the winning time. In the girls seeded race, 16:54 was the winning time. Congratulations to all who qualified for Nationals.

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